How To become Notary Public in Florida

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If you are a Florida resident and want to become a Notary Public, please follow these steps:

  1. Check that you have met the requirements for becoming a Notary Public (see below).
  2. Get a $7,500 surety bond from an approved bonding agency.
  3. Learn from an approved educator. The Department of State’s free course is available online.
  4. Completion of the application. Avoid errors using our application wizard. A person must sign the Affidavit Of Character section if they have known you for over a year.
  5. Non-U.S. citizens will need to obtain a recorded Application for Domicile form from their county clerk’s office.
  6. You must be able to and willing to take the oath or affirmation of office.
  7. Sign the surety bond agreement.
  8. Follow the instructions of your bonding agency for submission of application documents and payment.
  9. Get your Notary Seal. You can order your Notary seal from your bonding agency, or another approved provider.
  10. After your application has been approved by the Department of State you will be issued a commission certificate from your bonding agent.

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This Guide: Florida Notary Process FL Notary Requirements General Notary Public Information

More Information About the Florida Notary Process

This page contains more information on the Notary Public application process.

What is the cost of applying for an FL Notary Commission?

$39. The fee for applying to be a Florida Notary Public is $39. Prices for additional requirements such as education, surety bonds, and Notary seals vary depending on which provider you choose.

What is the average time it takes to become a Notary Public?

It may take up to four weeks for you to be commissioned as Notary Public, depending on how busy you are and how long the Department of State takes to process your application.

What is the average length of a Florida Notary Commission?

The term of Florida’s Notary Commission is four years.

Florida Notary Public Requirements

Are you wondering if your qualifications are sufficient to be a Notary Public in the Sunshine State. Take a look at the requirements.

Who can become an FL Notary Public?

If you meet these requirements, you may be able to become a Florida Notary.

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Florida residents must be legal
  • You cannot be a felon if you have not had your civil rights restored

What training is required to become an FL notary?

Yes. All first-time applicants for a Florida Notary Public commission must complete a three-hour course offered by the state or by a vendor with a training program approved by the Executive Office of the Governor. You can access an interactive online course through the NNA. There are also books that will help you get started.

You must complete the course within one year to be eligible for a Notary commission. A completion certificate will be sent to you.

It is not necessary for Notaries to complete an educational course in order to renew their commissions.

What is the Florida Notary Exam?

You do not need to pass an exam in order to be eligible for a Florida Notary Commission.

What type of supplies do you need for notary purposes?

For all notarial acts, Florida Notaries must use an inked rubber stamp seal. Optional: An embosser and a journal can be used along with the seal. These information must be included on the seal:

  • Your name as it appears in your commission
  • The words “Notary Public-State of Florida”
  • Your commission number
  • Your commission expiration date

Although not required by law, the Florida Governor’s Office strongly recommends using a journal of notarial acts to record every notarization you perform.

What is a Surety Bond and why do I need it?

A surety bond promises to pay any person who is hurt if you fail honestly, diligently, and faithfully to discharge your duties as a Notary. A surety bond is not the same as insurance because it doesn’t protect you as a Notary. It protects the public. Florida law requires you to get a $7,500 bond from a surety company authorized to do business in Florida.

You may wish to purchase an insurance policy that covers errors and omissions. This will protect you as a Notary. Traditional Notaries can opt for this policy. It will limit your financial exposure in the event that you make a mistake when signing a document.

General Notary Public Information

Here are more details about becoming a Florida Notary Public.

What state government office is responsible for Notaries?

Tallahassee, FL’s Department of State receives Notary Applications from bonding agencies. It issues commissions and maintains records about Notaries. The Governor appoints Notaries. The Executive Office of Governor provides instruction and can suspend a Notary for misconduct.

Can I become a Florida Notary if I reside in another state and work in Florida?

To become a Florida Notary, you must be a Florida resident.

Can I become a Florida Notary even if I’m not a U.S citizen?

Yes. You can become a Notary by submitting a recorded Affidavit to Domicile from your county clerk.

Where can I notarize?

Florida Notaries can perform notarizations anywhere in the state.

Whom can I notarize?

Any member of the public can have their signature notarized if they make a reasonable request and meet all requirements, including personally appearing in front of you and providing sufficient proof of identity. It is prohibited to notarize your signature, or the signature of your spouse, child, father, or son. It is possible to solemnize your marriage for your father, mother, son, or daughter, provided that you are not notarizing their signatures.

What is the maximum amount that FL Notaries can charge for a notarial act?

Except as required by Florida Statutes, notaries in Florida may not charge more than $10 per notarization. 117.045 for marriages and 117.275 for online notarizations.

What do I do if my legal name changes or I get married?

You must contact the bonding agency which processed your application within 60 days to obtain a rider for the bond and request an amended commission from the Department of State. You will also need to pay $25 by money order or check payable to the Department of State. You can continue to notarize documents under your old name until you receive an amended commission.

What should I do if my information or personal details change?

Within 60 days of the change, you must notify the Department of State by writing.

What are the most common reasons Florida rejects or delays Notary Applications?

  • Signature and printed name are not compatible
  • The “race” field has not been completed
  • Information about driver’s license must include 12 digits
  • When a business address is mentioned, it must contain the company name.
  • The signature or bond form are missing.
  • State records do not match date of birth
  • The previous commission number is not the same (renewing Notaries only).

How can I renew my Florida Notary Commission?

You must meet the requirements and reapply. You don’t have to complete an education course if your commission is being renewed.

What are the basics of remote notarization in Florida?

As of January 1, 2020, Florida Notaries can apply to perform remote online notarizations for signers located anywhere. To be authorized to perform RONs, notaries must physically be located within the state at the time the notarization is performed. Once you have your traditional Notary Public commission, you can follow the steps in this guide to become an FL remote Notary.

Traditional Notaries will be able to administer an oath remotely starting January 1, 2022. This applies only to signers who testify at a court proceeding or deposition or public hearing, or swear an oath to admission to the Florida Bar.

We have additional resources that will help you understand what a Notary does, why they are commissioned, and how to become one.

Where To Work As a Notary in Florida

You can work in many settings as a public notary in Florida. Whether you decide to work for a law firm, real estate agency or a government job, there are many options available. You can also work for yourself as a mobile notary.

Where To Find Clients in Florida

We work with notaries all over Florida to help them find more business and make more money. If you would like to join our notary network, contact us today for more information. We work with notaries in all cities including:

  1. Jacksonville
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