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Important Oregon Notary Links

  • Notary Public Secretary of State Website
  • Notary Change of Name and Change of Address Form

Legacy State ID:

Age of 55


You must be 18 years or older

Oregon residents or Oregon-based professionals may apply.

Learn to read and write English.

You have not had a notary public commissioner revoked in the 10 years preceding the date of the application.

You have not been convicted of any felony, fraud, dishonesty or deceit in the 10 years preceding your application.

Pass the Secretary-of-State Notary Public exam.


Notary Term

4 years.

Notary Bond

None are required.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Optional Notary Service and Bonding Agency, Inc. recommends strongly that Oregon notaries take out insurance against negligence claims.

Notary Stamp/Notary Seal

Not required. An inked stamp.

Record Journal

Requirement. Notary public must maintain at least one notary journal. Notary journals may not be shared. Public notaries must keep their journals for a period of 10 years from the date of the last notarial act.

State Filing Fee

For renewal or new notary applications, a $40 filing fee is required.


Requirement. The Secretary of State requires that all applicants and inactive notaries take a notary training program. This course is either offered free by the Secretary or for a nominal fee by a certified educational provider. After completing the training requirements, applicants and inactive notaries must pass the Secretary of state Notary Public exam via their online system. While renewal notaries public can skip the notary training requirements, they must pass the Secretary-of-State Notary exam online.


All over the State


Permitted. Non-resident applicants from any state can apply for the Oregon notary public commission if they have a place to work or practice in Oregon. Non-resident applicants must provide information about their employer and have the same qualifications as Oregon residents.

Renewal of the Notary Commission

A notary public can submit a new application up to 2 1/2 months prior to the expiration date of their current commission. Oregon notaries public with active commissions are exempted from the notary training requirements, provided they pass the exam and submit the application before the expiration of their commission.

These are the steps:

Completion of the notary training course.

All first-time (New Oregon) notary applicants must complete a mandatory training program along with their application, exam, and filing fee.

Oregon notaries who have an active commission (Renewal), are exempted from the training requirements if they pass the exam and submit the application before the expiration of their commission. You can skip to step 2 if you are exempted from the training requirements. All notaries should take the tutorial or attend classes to ensure that they have a current knowledge and are familiar with new administrative rules.

You can either attend an in-person seminar, or take an online training course to meet your training requirements. The Secretary of State offers courses at no cost. For a fee, certified education providers can also offer courses.

  • Continue here For more information about the approved training courses, visit the Oregon Secretary Of State’s website. Or call 1-503-986-2593.

Take the exam to pass the Oregon notary public commissioner application.

The exam is a multiple-choice question, yes/no, true/false, and multiple-choice test. It is based upon the information in the Oregon Notary Public Guide and the training course. Before you take the exam, please make sure that you have read all the information in the guide. It is a good idea to have a printed copy of the guide handy when taking the exam. You can complete the exam online, or you can submit a paper application (PDF).

  • Online: Continue hereTo take the exam online and submit an Oregon notary request online.
  • Paper Application (PDF): Continue hereTo take the exam, complete the paper application (PDF) and submit your Oregon notary public commissioner application. Once you are satisfied, print and send the application to the Oregon Secretary Of State.

After the background check and revocation searches are complete, you will be sent an email with a PDF attachment of your Oath of Office. Notifications will be sent to you if you fail the background check and revocation search.

Print the Oath to Office document. The Oath of Office document must be signed before a notary public and sent to the Secretary at the address above, along with a $40.00 processing charge. You must return the Oath within 30 days after it is issued. If you do not, you will have to reapply and pay the fee again. Once the Oath is processed, you will be emailed with a PDF copy of the Commission Certificate and Certificate of Authorization.

You can place your order for the Oregon notary supplies or new Oregon notary package. Also, send us a copy your Commission Certificate. Don’t delay!

Important: After placing your order, you will need to fax, email, or mail the Commission Certificate from Oregon Secretary of State to us in order for us legally to stamp or seal your name. Your order will be processed as soon as we receive the Commission Certificate.

We will verify the accuracy of your form once we have received your payment and form. Once we have received your form and payment, we will review it for accuracy and process your order. We will then mail your items. Due to the fact that your stamp will need to be personalized and manufactured, please allow plenty of time for delivery.

Now you are authorized to start your notarial duties.

You can begin your duties as a commissioned public notary in the State of Oregon as soon as your Commission Certificate, Certificate of Authority and official notary stamp seal are received.

Where To Work As a Notary in Oregon

You can work in many settings as a public notary in Oregon. Whether you decide to work for a law firm, real estate agency or a government job, there are many options available. You can also work for yourself as a mobile notary.

Where To Find Clients in Oregon

We work with notaries all over Oregon to help them find more business and make more money. If you would like to join our notary network, contact us today for more information. We work with notaries in all cities including:

  1. Portland
  2. Salem
  3. Eugene
  4. Hillsboro
  5. Gresham
  6. Bend
  7. Beaverton
  8. Medford
  9. Springfield
  10. Corvallis
  11. Tigard
  12. Albany
  13. Aloha
  14. Lake Oswego
  15. Keizer
  16. Grants Pass
  17. Oregon City
  18. Redmond
  19. McMinnville
  20. Tualatin