In this post we point 6 steps that needs to be completed in order to become a California Notary.

1) Instructions to Completing Your Application

  • Take the time to read all instructions and information.
  • Completion of the Notary Public Application.
  • Only your signature and any other information should not be written. All other information should only be typed or printed in blue or black ink.
  • Attach a passport photo of yourself in 2″ x 2.
  • Attach the proof of completion certificate (3-hour, 6-hour) from the notary public educational course provider to your application.

2) Notary Education

All notaries who apply for renewal or new commissions must complete a Notary Course before they can take the Notary exam.

  • 6-Hour California Notary Course
  • 3-Hour California Refresher Notary Course

3) Pass the California Notary Exam

You must pass the exam with a minimum 70% score to be recommissioned, commissioned, or appointed as a Notary Public. You must bring your $40 state exam fee and your Notary Application to the exam.

4) Submit your Live Scan Fingerprints

After you receive your letter informing you that you have passed the California Notary exam you will need to submit your Live Scan fingerprints and go through a background check. Fees for fingerprinting are different from one county to the next.

5) Await Your Commission Packet

After your application is approved and you pass the background check, the notary public commission packet will arrive by mail.

The notary public commission packet contains:

  • Instructions and a cover letter
  • Instructions for filing
  • Notary public commission certificate
  • Two notary public oaths and two certificates of filing forms
  • A Certificate of Authorization for Manufacture NotaryPublic Seals.
  • Here is a list of Authorized Manufacturers of Notary Public Seals

RenewalsYour new notary public commissioner will not be sent to your address if you have not taken the exam within six weeks of the expiration date for your current notary commission.

After the notary public commission packet is received, you will need to send a copy of the commission certificate and the original letter of authorization. This will allow us to create your bond or notary supplies.

6) Notary Public Bond File will send you a notary public bond. It must be filed with the county clerk in the county where you have your principal business place within 30 days of the commission’s commencement. (Government Code section)8213. The 30-day period It cannot be extended. The county processes documents chronologically, but not necessarily according to the date received because of the volume. The county clerk may accept the oath or bond prior to the date of commission’s commencement. However, the filing deadline for the bond and oath must be within 30 days of the commission’s commencement date.To ensure timely filing, it is best to present the bond and oath in person.